Everyone deserves a safe and healthy home

Help Yourself to a Healthy Home: Protect Your Children's Health

Is your home the safe and healthy environment you want it to be for your family?
In our colorful, easy-to-read booklet, Help Yourself to a Healthy Home, you will learn to identify safety risks and hidden dangers in the home environment. Each of the nine chapters includes action steps to help you find problems and suggestions for ways to correct them.
Chapter topics deal with these hazards:
Help Yourself to a Healthy Home (Alabama)

  1. indoor air quality
  2. asthma and allergies
  3. mold and moisture
  4. carbon monoxide
  5. lead
  6. drinking water
  7. hazardous household products
  8. pesticides
  9. home safety

Information for additional sources of help are also provided at the end of each chapter.
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